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We are recruiting Fitting Centres for the 3rd Generation Speed Limiter.

Why need a new Speed limiter?

Road carnage is the leading epidemic of 21st century. Thousands die and thousands are maimed. The chief causes of road carnage are overspeeding, drunken driving and fatigue, in that order.

With that understanding, the government through the Ministry of Transport introduced speed limiters for PSVs to try manage speed in 2004. Some 150,000 Public Service Vehicles were fitted with the speedlimiter. The limiters worked well during the reign of Hon Michuki and accidents were controlled. However, the operators begun to tamper with the operations of the speed governor. The gadget therefore failed.

There was urgent need therefore for the government to design a new brand of governors which would be tamperproof. NTSA, KEBS, CMTE and other stakeholders got together and came up with a new speed governor standards.

In June 2018 KS2295-1:2018 and KS2295-2:2018 were gazeted.

Where we come in

We have partnered with Betahub technologies to develop BSL Speedlimiter. The limiter complies with the new standards. It is currently under test with our vehicles.

Where you come in

The Standards require that the fitting of the Speedlimiter be done in formal fitting centres. NTSA has come up with a checklist. The checklist details requirements that must be complied with in order for a centre to qualify as a Fitting Centre. That checklist is available on our website or on the NTSA website. All fitting centres will have to obtain approval from NTSA, upon which they will be listed on the .

We are giving you an opportunity to prepare early for this business. There will be about 200,000 PSV vehicles requiring fitting of Speedlimiter over a fairly short period of time.

Move with speed to comply. After complying, we shall foward your name to NTSA for approval as an BSL Speedlimiter approved fitting centre. As soon as everything is in place we shall agree a consideration rate for all the fitting centres, per fitting.

Its that once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot afford to miss.



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Toyota Alphard for Rent

Toyota Alphard

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Toyota prado Ksh 13,000 per day with Driver

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Range Rover Ksh 20,000 per day with Driver,Masai Mara and other rugged trips 20,000 with Driver in Kenya

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